Crow & Pebble Cosmetics Swatches & Brand Experience

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I placed my order from Crow & Pebble on 5/3, received shipping notification on 5/6, my packaged arrived 5/15 (Scotland to Western US).

I purchased – Chernobyl Power Station Half / Jar $3.89 Petrochemical Sheen Half / Jar $3.89 Mystery Case Samples $5.18 The Raven Set (5 Shadows) Half / Jar $18.46 Discount (GOODNEWS) -$6.28 Shipping $5.18 Total $30.32 Within minutes of my order I was refunded the shipping cost which made my total $25.14 USD. I also received a gift with purchase and 1 shadow sample.

I’ve read through the Crow & Pebble website in it’s entirety. I really appreciate the website’s ease of use, simple asthetic and the thoughtful and professional manner in which it is laid out. My items came in lovely packaging that made it a fun adventure to open. The Mystery Case of sample shadows were packaged in the “Private Eye” envelope with a Who-dunit letter and a coupon for a future purchase. Swatches are all done with a brush as that’s what I normally use for application. I did swatch all of the shadows with & without primer as well as with Fyrinnae’s Pixy Epoxy. I wouldn’t normally use Pixy Epoxy with matte shadows but did here just to keep things uniform 🙂

My top 3 favorite shadows were –

Forest Fire “A vibrant, bright orange with gold and violet shimmer.”

A Bushel of Wheat “A lovely yellow-toned gold shimmer.”

Chernobyl Power Station “A biting, shimmery acid green, practically radioactive.”

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Here they are pressed!


  1. Hi, this looks great! Thanks for this post 🙂 Did you only press the jar ones? I am looking into pressing the sample size ones in 26mm eyeshadow pans. Do you think there is enough in the bags for that? Thanks! 🙂 x

    • Hi there!

      My experience pressing sample baggies into 26mm pans is mixed. Her sample sizes are fairly generous so if you use a little more alcohol than you normally would you can get a thin layer to cover the bottom of the pan. I let some of the alcohol dry out before I stamp it down or it’ll all end up in the paper towel.

      In my opinion, if you want to press samples😕

    • Sorry! I cut myself off!

      In my opinion, if you want to press samples, 26mm is the way to go. You might end up with a thin or uneven layer, but it’ll be usable. 15mm pans are so tiny and hard for me to work with.

      Hope this helps ☺️ Sorry for the double comment 🤣🤣 I can’t computer today apparently.

      • This is very helpful indeed! Thank you so much for replying and for your advice! These shadows just look so beautiful :):)

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