Enlightened Wax Haul and Review

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I’ve placed 2 orders with Enlightened Wax. I first found the shop through Instagram and decided to make a purchase.

1st Order (Pink & green) – 4 pack Herkimer Diamond, Quartz & Prehnite Crystal Infused Holographic Soy Wax Tea Lights (Strawberry Shortcake) $6 and 8 oz Lemurian Quartz, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Rose Aura Quartz Crystal Infused Soy Wax Candle (Lemon Pound Cake) $15 -$4.20 Discount + Shipping Priority USPS $12.55 = $$29.35

Ordered 4/9 Shipped 4/12 Received 4/14

2nd Order (blues) – 4 pack *Aqua Aura Quartz, Green Aura Quartz, Quartz, Mother of Pearl Crystal Infused Tea Lights (Peach Rings)* $10 and 4 oz *Aqua Aura Quartz, Green Aura Quartz, Abalone, Mother of Pearl Crystal Infused Candle (Peach Rings)* $6 free sample of Crystal Infused Bath Soak + Shipping Priority USPS $11.19 = $27.19

Ordered 5/28 Shipped 6/1 Received 6/3

I am really pleased with these candles. They look beautiful and the scent is strong even without burning. I gave a couple of tea lights from the first order to a teacher who kept them on her desk and enjoyed the strength of the fragrance as well (she did not light them). So far I’ve burned 2 of the tea lights and the 8 oz jar. Initially I was concerned about the dried flowers catching fire but they mostly sunk into the melted wax as did the crystals. The only issue I encountered was some fizzling at the end of the tea lights life. I would NOT burn unattended. I did dig out the crystals, cleaned them up and now have them in a container on my desk.

Her next candle restock is in July and she is stocking the bath soak on June 17. There are often previews of upcoming offerings on her Instagram page @EnlightenedWax.

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