Kiss My Sass Swatches


I placed my first order with Kiss My Sass on 5/26, shipping notification on 5/27 and received my order on 5/30.

I ordered and received: Eyeshadow: Forest Nymph Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Late Night Lattes Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Quizas Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Sippin’ Mai Tais Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Staring at the Wind Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Winter Romance Sample Bag $1.66 Illuminator: I’m Green Sample Bag $1.50 Illuminator: Moonlit Embrace Sample Bag $1.50

Memorial Day Discount -$3.24 Subtotal $9.72 Shipping USPS w/tracking $2.75 Total $12.47

I received Shady as a free sample. While all of these have micro glitter in them, I would not characterize them as glitter bombs. All swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion in outdoor natural light.

Top 2 *Staring at the Wind *Sippin’ Mai Tais

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