The Wax Workshoppe Haul & Experience


I found The Wax Workshoppe via Instagram. I placed a total of 4 orders for a combined $80.85, $7.50 of which was USPS priority shipping. Using the high estimate of weight (and NOT including the free samples), my order contained 61.5oz or $1.19 per ounce. I often buy generic wax at Walmart 5oz for $4.50 or 90¢ per ounce.

How it works: The shop announces dates of major restock on Instagram or Facebook. In between restocks there are small quantities of various items added to the shop randomly. After paying a flat rate of $7.50 for shipping on your first order, you can place as many orders as you want with the code COMBINEMYSHIPPING and receive free shipping on those additional orders. Your order period closes as soon as you receive a shipping notification which was listed as being approximately 2.5 weeks in. You may ask for your orders to be held or to ship ASAP. The wax you receive will have a “cure until” date as most of it is freshly poured.

Order 1 4/12/2017 – Peaches ‘N’ Cream + Strawberry Scent Shots $1.97 1.6oz-1.9oz Orange Cream Sherbet + Salt Water Taffy Scent Shots $2.05 1.5oz-1.9oz: Hawaiian Dreamsicle Scent Shots $2.05 My Cup of Tea: Peach 3-3.2oz. “Candy Swirls” 6-Packs $4.15 Grape Bodacious Double-Bubblegum 3.2oz-3.4oz: Large Rosette $4.35 Subtotal $14.57 Shipping $7.50 Total $22.07

Order 2 4/14/2017 – 10.1-10.8oz Wax Brûlée: Watermelon Lemonade w/Strawberry Chnk + Strawberry Soda Topping $13.48 Subtotal $13.48 Shipping $0.00 Total $13.48

Order 3 4/18/2017 – 3.4-4oz: Fruity Pebbles + Marshmallow Madness Large Rosettes One Large Rosette $5.14 1.6oz-1.9oz Orange Cream Sherbet + Salt Water Taffy Scent Shots 2 @ $2.05 / $4.10 Fizzy Pineapple Upside Down Cake Drinks + Maraschino Cherries: Scent Shots 4.8oz-5.7oz Set of Three Scent Shots $6.15 3oz-3.2oz: Dubble Bubble + Strawberry Bubblegum Popsicles $4.68 Captain Crunch Berries + 7-Up Pound Cake in Assorted Wax Melt Shapes 4.9oz-5oz: Rectangular Beehive Bar $6.40 Subtotal $26.47 Shipping $0.00 Total $26.47

Order 4 4/23/2017 – 1.5oz-1.9oz: Scent Shots: Cherry Dr. Pepper 4 @ $2.05 / $8.20 3.2oz-3.4oz: Blackberry Jam + Fresh Baked Bread Large Rosettes $4.48 1.5oz-1.9oz: Cherry Pop-Tarts Scent Shots 3 @ $2.05 / $6.15 Subtotal $18.83 Shipping $0.00 Total $18.83

I received shipping notification 5/15/2017

On 5/24/2017 I emailed asking about the status of my order as tracking had not moved.

On 5/25/2017 I received an email informing me my package would ship 5/27/2017

My order shipped 5/27/2017 and I received it 5/30/2017

Why it took so long: TAT is listed as approximately 2.5 weeks. Apparently the website had oversold products. If I hadn’t found their Facebook page, I would have no idea what the issue was. To remedy this problem in the future, the owners have plans to move to a different system. The owners did announce several times on Facebook that they were working hard to pour wax and get caught up. As far as I could tell they were very responsive to their customers inquiries on Facebook. During this time I did note that they were adding new stock to their website periodically. There were 11 free items (almost 22 oz extra!) added to my package to make up for the late TAT.

Quality/Throw: These are very strong in the containers and above average in throw and longevity when melted. I like my home scents VERY strong and would rate what I’ve tried an 8/10. I have vaulted ceilings and 1/2 of a scent shot will fill the living room/kitchen and down the hall with fragrance for 8+ hours. The cherry scents are my favorite as is the grape fizzy soda. I am using a soap cutter to cut these but a large kitchen knife would work just as well.

Would I buy from The Wax Workshoppe again? Yes. Before I received my package I would have said no. TAT was way over and $80 is a shitload to pay for wax. After breaking down the cost per ounce (almost the same as what I pay at Walmart). considering the generosity of the owners in sending many extra items, the beauty and quality of what I got, the answer is now yes. I will be purchasing from them again as soon as I run out. Which hopefully will be a long time from now.

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