GlamGlow Exclusive Blue Sonic Gravity Mud


This is one of those “Oh my God what have you done??” kind of purchases. I regretted not picking this up last year purely for the sake of nostalgia so I immediately purchased it when it became available almost a week ago. It is still available at GlamGlow and Sephora.

These come in 3 different designs: Sonic, Tails (both of which I got) and Knuckles.

The electric blue Gravity Mud firming treatment comes in 3 exclusive limited edition Sonic the Hedgehog designed tubes each weighing in at 0.5 oz for $22. GlamGlow considers this a “To Go” size. A full-sized GlamGlow mask is 1.7 oz for $69.

Here is the company info regarding this product:

For the ultimate #gamingandmasking fan. GLAMGLOW has partnered with SEGA and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG to create a #gamingandmasking experience with the introduction of a limited edition GRAVITYMUD™ FIRMING TREATMENT in exclusive SONIC BLUE. Gaming and masking has never been so sexy!

GRAVITYMUD™ FIRMING TREATMENT in exclusive SONIC BLUE is an out of this world instant tightening and firming mud that contains mega-targeted ingredients that work together to help skin’s contours look and feel more defined. Once dry, this innovative blue formula peels off to reveal skin that instantly feels tighter and looks more lifted.

Honestly I didn’t realize just how small these were until they arrived. I estimate being able to get between 3-4 treatments out of each tube and I will definitely display the boxes and tubes when they are empty. This smells like juicy pineapple.

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