Fyrinnae New Release Swatches


Fyrinnae is well known within the indie makeup community for their high quality semi-loose eyeshadow formula, wonderful duochromes and well loved sparkle adhesive, Pixy Epoxy. They’ve also just started up their very own perfume house.

I placed my order for 7 mini shadows on 6/21 and received them on 6/28. I purchased during a sale so my subtotal was $20.90 – 15% + $3 Shipping = $20.76. I received 1 mini as a free sample.

All swatches were foiled with MAC Fix+ over bare skin, taken indoors with LED light. Descriptions are directly from the Fyrinnae website.

I will be pressing all of these shadows within the next week and will post an update.

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ABANDONED HOTEL – Bright lime green enhanced with turquoise-blue sparkle (much more than it appears in the swatch pictures). Closer to light the sparkle turns vivid pink, giving the entire shade a warmer cast. Not lip-safe.

HOT CHOCOLATE EUPHORIA – Glimmering dark hot chocolate-brown with a swirl of marshmallow cream, topped with blue and green sprinkles (sparkles). The sparkles don’t show up well in photos, but are apparent in person. This shade leans taupe, so should work well on a wide variety of skintones. It appears almost silvery in the jar, but application shows the color layers.


NEFERTARI – Vivid green on a sandy-brown base turns peachy to warm pink.

ALTER EGO – Shimmery bronze-copper base is topped with contrasting blue sparkle which turns pink.


DARK FANTASY – Dark Fantasy is an intense grass green shimmer on a black base, which changes to a golden-peach to deep orange-coral at an angle or close to light.

SPACE KITTY – This shade is a “glowing” pale sherbet orange. It’s not pastel, but a semi-sheer sparkle shade much like Electric Stardust and Otherworld.


LUXURY – Our brightest, most striking gold. Reflective shimmer creates an almost liquid-sparkle appearance.

DIVINE – Bright shimmery purple filled with blue sparkle which turns vivid pink, making the entire shadow appear more magenta than purple when angled.


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