Highlighter Tour 7/21/2017

LogoLicious_20170720_162016Here’s a tour of my very basic highlighter collection.

The first one I bought was Benefit’s Manizer Sisters (Mary-Lou is my favorite).

Favorite: Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten. It’s more of a cream consistency and gives a great wet look to the skin.

Indie love: I pressed both the Hello Waffle Cat Me If You Can highlighter and the Crow & Pebble Highlighter in Pepper. Both are beautiful and give just a tinge of color.

Glitter bomb: Colourpop Helium.

Least pigmented: Catrice Highlighting powder is a very natural looking highlight when applied with a brush.

Saddest story: The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal was smashed off the counter by my kitty, not salvageable.

WTF: The Tarte Skin Twinkle Palette in Filtered Light. It’s a matte ivory dusty powder. Totally weird and feels like sandpaper when swatched with my finger.

Most annoyed by: The Devinah Highlighter in Suspiria although it was totally not Devinah’s fault. I ordered the beautiful rainbow highlighter through Dolls Kill and it came broken. They did a horrible job packing (it was at the bottom of the box under some paper, had they wrapped it IN the paper, it would’ve been fine). They were out of stock and wouldn’t refund me, instead they credited my account and ignored my request to return and refund. I could’ve done a charge back through my bank but really didn’t want to deal with it. The highlighter was beautiful. It lasted just long enough for me to swatch it in these pictures but then shattered into dust 😦

Each highlighter is swatched twice, top is with brush and bottom is with finger, in natural sunlight and LED light.

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