Urban Decay Birthday Freebie


Urban Decay will send you a coupon for a free birthday gift when you sign up for their free to join, Urban Decay Beauty Junkies program. My birthday was actually in May, I signed up for an account in June and in July I received the coupon by email. I had expected to wait until 2018!

The coupon code was for a free After Glow Highlighter in the color Sin with any regular priced purchase that’s automatically added to the cart when you enter the unique coupon code. Shipping is free through the Beauty Junkies Program.

I chose the travel sized Naked concealer in light neutral, something I’d never tried before. I was trying to keep my out of pocket low and did note that the full sized concealer was $5.80 per ml and the travel was $6 per ml, pretty close so not a bad buy.

I placed my order 7/15 and received it 7/21. The total was $12.67.

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