Blush Tour 7/24/2017


I have a love/hate relationship with blush. Even back in the 90s I wasn’t a fan of the heavy sunburned cheeks look. Slowly I’ve started experimenting with a bit of it here and there, trying to figure out which colors I like best and working on placement.

Favorite: Fiona Stiles Soft Cheek Veil in Sweetwater. I purchased this from Ulta at 50% off not expecting too much but I absolutely love the color and the formula. It’s soft but not powdery and just lightly pigmented. It’s buildable but looks like a natural blush when applied sparingly.

Glitter bomb: Physicians Formula Argan Wear in natural. I don’t know how this much glitter would be “natural” on anybody.

Prettiest to look at in pan: The Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush in Natural is too cute.

Most beautiful: The My Pretty Zombie MDMA blush that I pressed myself is totally amazing. Take a look at the crazy shift in both LED and natural light, it’s beyond gorgeous!

All swatches are applied with a brush in LED and natural lighting.

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9 thoughts on “Blush Tour 7/24/2017

  1. I too have a hate/love relationship with blushes. Mostly I love how they look on others, but not on me πŸ™‚ The Physicians Formula is sooooo cute, love to look at it, but might not like to wear it.


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