The Vamp Stamp?

LogoLicious_20170722_145250I am usually not interested in fad type items, no silisponges in my collection! However I took a second and third look at the Vamp Stamp after seeing Stephanie Nicole’s review on Youtube.

The kitten version was out, a much smaller, beginner type sized wing (compared to their medium and large), part of the proceeds were going to charity and there was a 15% discount if you bought the kitten stamp plus the eyeliner set. So I chucked caution to the wind and purchased the stamp as well as the liner kit.

I have never worn a wing in my life, I don’t have the skill nor eyesight to do one effectively, although I’ve always loved the way they look on other people. I am still working through the learning curve on application but I think that’s more due to the fact that I have NEVER used liquid liner and NEVER drawn a wing. I’ll update with pictures of progress in the next week or 2.

So far I’ve learned to pat the stamp into the ink because swiping causes it to apply streaky. Gently stamp on eyelid, too much pressure will cause smudging. The eyeliner dries down within about 20 seconds but mistakes can be pretty easily fixed with some makeup remover on a qtip.

By the by, the angled brush is pretty much useless. It’s too thick and bushy to use as a liner brush and the synthetic bristles are a bit on the scratchy side anyway.

The Vamp Stamp

Ordered 7/16 received 7/21

Vavavoom Stamp – Kitten $25

Vink Eyeliner Ink + Verge Angle Brush $20

15% Discount -$6.75

Shipping $2.99

Total $41.24

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3 thoughts on “The Vamp Stamp?

  1. I watched sooo many YouTube reviews about this! I can’t tell if I want to try it out or not, but I’m glad you’re talking about your experience with it! I think that’s going to be really helpful! 😌


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