I had a weird snafu with my first Boxycharm subscription box.

I placed my order and immediately after entering my credit card information I received an error page indicating something went wrong. I waited a few hours, watched my inbox for a confirmation email, looked at my newly made account and received no indication that my order had been received. So, I placed a new order, everything went through as it was supposed to and I sat back to wait for my box. A few days later while checking my bank account, I noticed that I had 2 $21 charges from Boxycharm, one right after the other. I immediately emailed Boxycharm, they emailed back within a couple of days and after 1 more reply email, they refunded one charge and apologized for whatever glitch had happened. Color me happy!

The box cost $21 and contained:

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea II Palette ($36) I already have one so this will be gifted, swatches in previous blog post here.

Bellapierre Waterproof Gel Liner in Black ($15)

Pur Eyelashes ($14)

Moda 3 Pc Brush Set ($26)

Aloette Face Paint ($35)

It was definitely worth the $21 but not the $126 valued.

I’m definitely looking forward to September’s box!!

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Winner for a cheek tint! Lovely natural matte blush color.


Nice rubberized handles, synthetic bristles are nice but nothing super great. I would compare these to Ulta brushes.



14 thoughts on “August Boxycharm My 1st Box!

    1. The good news is that the Tarte palette has been on sale, off and on, for about $18 on various websites, so you can still pick it up at a great price 🙂

    1. The brushes are pretty nice, they don’t shed and are soft. I definitely think they’re worth the cost 😉

    1. I subbed to Birchbox for about a year but ended up with so many little packets of samples I just couldn’t use, although their points system used to be so great. Thanks for the ❤️

    1. Ooh, I haven’t tried Glossy box. How have you liked it? The unconfirmed rumor is that Boxycharm will have a different palette in every box until December 💛

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