Ofra On The Glow Palette


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This was the deal – Gilt was offering a $200 Ofra gift card for $100, if you used the code WELCOME20 you’d receive 20% off making the $200 giftcard only $80. Soooo, that’s what I did! Something I’ve learned about Ofra too, NEVER buy anything at regular price. You’ll always be able to find a discount code for at least 20% off but more likely in the 40% range if you’re patient.

I’ve never used Ofra cosmetics before but this highlight/bronzer palette caught my eye a few weeks ago via Instagram. It runs $149 on the Ofra site ($110 on Ulta, go figure).

The On The Glow palette contains 6 full-sized products (10g) that retail individually for between $30-$40 each. I have not heard any negative reviews about the palette containing inferior product to the regular sized ones (I’m looking at you Tarte) so I felt pretty confident that I would be happy with my purchase, which I am. Each one of these is very soft and seems prone to a LOT of kick up if you are swirling a brush into them. I found the best application was by tapping twice into the pan and lightly blowing off excess before application.

The picture above is what the palette looked like after I swatched all of the shades multiple times. Still super pretty and neat!

I ordered 8/14/2017, received shipping notice on 8/16/2017 and the package arrived 8/21/2017.

I ordered:

Professional Makeup Palette – On The Glow $149

Skin Sculpting Wand Concealor – Dawn $15

Eyebrow Gel – Charcoal $27

Brush #4 – Hard Angle $15

Shipping $2.95

Total $208.95 – $200 gift card purchased via Gilt for $80 = $8.95

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Swatches on bare skin using the Wayne Goss Air brush.


Finger swatches on bare skin.









  1. Thanks for sharing, it looks like a really pretty palette. How do you rate the Wayne Goss brushes? I’ve been considering buying some so would appreciate a heads up on them. Thanks x

    • There is one bad BAD thing about the Wayne Goss brushes, once you use them it is near impossible to use anything else. I started with the 00 that I received in the Beautylish Lucky bag last holiday. I then picked up the new 5pc eye set in May of this year and the Air-Brush a couple weeks later. They are crazy soft and crazy sturdy. Blending is pretty effortless. I don’t wash them often, just brush off on a microfiber towel to easily remove color. The only thing I would not reccomend them for is with loose shadows and pigments. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Thankyou very much – I had my suspicions that they’d be exceptionally good given how spot on he generally is with his reviews. I couldn’t see him putting his name to anything substandard. Have you ever tried any of the Zoeva or Spectrum brushes? They’ve both appealed to me too. The former because they look well made and I’m loving the rose gold range and the latter because there’s such a big selection of brushes and they’re so reasonably priced. The last lot of brushes I invested in were MAC ones and they’ve lasted me well but I wouldn’t buy them again given that MAC is no longer cruelty free.

      • I’ve heard Zoeva brushes are very nice! I’ve tried a few Sigma brushes that I got on super sale and they were very good too, haven’t shed through many MANY washings and work great. I recently picked up a sale set of It Cosmetics travel brushes from Ipsy that were fairly nice but that I would never buy at full price. I tend to just pick brushes up as they go on sale to try them out. The WG were the first I paid full price for and that was only because Beautylish makes it easy by dividing payments up if it’s over $100 lol.

      • Good brushes are worth a splurge because if taken care of they’ll last years. It sounds to me like your Wayne Goss ones were a good investment. I have some Benefit, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, NARS and Trish McEvoy brushes that are still going strong over a decade after buying them. I recently got some Lottie London ones which are really lovely because they’re all different bright colours but the range is pretty limited. If they were to bring out a smudge brush, a lip brush with a lid for travelling, a highlighter brush, and a few other essentials then I’d probably not be hankering a new set!

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