Notoriously Morbid Watercolor Stains-Orbital


The Notoriously Morbid Watercolor Stains – Orbital palette is beyond words gorgeous. The handmade, no 2 are identical, highlighter/eyeshadow palette contains 3 different shades that are unique and super SUPER highlighty(?). Although they seem to contain micro glitters I wouldn’t call them glittery but rather mega glowy.

My husband has NEVER commented on my eyeshadow other than a passing “You look pretty” but today I used the middle pan as an inner corner highlight and he told me that my eyes “are glowing” lol.

The palette contains 3 – 37mm pans (for comparison, a regular eyeshadow pan is generally 26mm) in Reflecting Pool – Light green, Icy Blue, and Silver, Saddest Rainstorm – The metallic sheen of green, purple, and red, and Turquoise Serpents – turquoise, copper, and purple. Since these items are handmade there is a longer wait time which is always listed on the website. TAT was 14 business days from purchase.

Watercolor Stains – Orbital palette $25

Gift card from previous order -$10

Shipping $3.25

Total $18.25

I ordered 7/25/2017, received shipping notification 8/14/2017 and the package arrived safely packaged on 8/21/2017.

I love supporting small business and Notoriously Morbid has consistently been professional and offered quality products at fair prices.

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Finger swatches, no base.


Brush swatches with a Wayne Goss Air brush, no base.


Reflecting Pool


Saddest Rainstorm


Turquoise Serpents


The pans still look beautiful even after I had swatched them multiple times with multiple tools! I love it even more!!


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