Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Serum & Night Moisturizer


When I was in my late 20s my skincare routine mainly consisted of Neutrogena products. They were easy to find at the local drugstore and NOT my mom’s Oil of Olay. That was good enough for me.

Now, I’m taking it old school. I’ve been using The Ordinary’s skincare line for over 6 months now and although it’s worked pretty well at keeping my skin hydrated, I’m ready for something new.

These have been in rotation for a bit over a week and so far so good. I like that they both have no scent and soak in very quickly. The full routine right now is Loreal Hydrating toner, this serum, Clinique eye cream, Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer and then Biore sunscreen. I plan on switching to the Skinfood toner and adding a Skinfood serum soon.

I find these pretty expensive though for a drugstore brand. They were $21 each and buy one get one 50% off at Ulta with 10x points. I would not have bought these otherwise, that’s too pricey!

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