Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Lip & Full Metal Shadow


Want to feel fancy? Order a lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent. Want to feel even fancier? Get your name engraved on it.

YSL was offering free engraving on lip products and a 20% off code so I bit the bullet and order these 2 items for a total of $56.60.

Ordered 9/6/2017, shipped 9/8/2017 and received 9/14/2017.

Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick (42 Baume Midi Minuit) reg $37 – “Made with 60% oils, the deeply hydrating texture instantly melts into lips providing a pop of color, instant hydration, and all day comfort.” This is The King, The Emperor of lip balms. One Balm To Rule Them All (but not in an evil Sauron sort of way). I. LOVE. THIS. I am not a lipstick lover, in fact I never wear anything at all on my lips but I do really enjoy the creaminess and glide of this. It feels so smooth and rich and stays on my lips forever. Don’t bother with the engraving though, it cheapens the look of your lip tube.

Full Metal Shadow (Grey Splash) reg $30 – Meh. I have only had this one color so I can only speak to this Silver but it’s pretty patchy and takes some working with to get a nice even application. I really like the look when I get it right though, not chunky like the Stila Magnificent Metals Shadows as the glitters are much MUCH smaller in the YSL version. I experience the YSL as being a metallic finish and Stila being a glitter bomb.

All in all, I’d repurchase the lip but without the engraving (even though it was free) but not the shadow.

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