Dermal Korea Sheet Masks


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Here’s a quick post of one of my favorite and most re purchased beauty items ever! I’ve been buying these Dermal sheet masks for years. YEARS!

Even after trying some of the fancier (read, more expensive) sheet masks, I always come back to these. I love that they are lightly fragranced, soft and pliable so they fit my face nicely and leave my skin soft and supple. I don’t claim that they’ll make you into a Kardashian, but they are very hydrating and soothing for my dry skin.

The pack of 16 (!!) will run you between $7.50 and $9 depending on the day as Amazon tends to be fickle wit their pricing.

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This post contains an affiliate link. I paid full price for these masks and this is NOT a sponsored post πŸ™‚


  1. Ooh I love sheet masks. They’re $28.50 for Canadians. :/ We’re always so much more expensive lol. But it still works out to a great price per mask so I may try them out!

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