Use It Up!


I get it. We all want the newest over-hyped palette that just came out and OMG it’s limited edition!!!

For me, the excitement of getting the latest greatest thing is only surpassed by using it up. This stuff doesn’t last forever, eventually it’ll expire, go bad, go off trend.

The Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue palette shadow is my perfect all over lid color. I’ve had it since August and look how much I’ve used! Before I had the Stila shadow I was using Too Faced’s Peaches & Cream as my all over color. The Smashbox is from some subscription box or another and I use it in my crease many days of the week.

I’m never going to finish these shadows up. EVER. I’ll continue to add to my collection as new releases and sales happen but I will make sure to also get a lot of use out of whatever it is I purchase 🙂

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