$8. $8 each. No one can complain about that.

Charming Charlie had theBalm products on sale for buy 1 get 1 free and offered $10 off your first purchase as well. So, these ended up being about $8 a piece including shipping. I’m not mad at you Charming Charlie and theBalm.

These are not my first theBalm products, my favorite highlighter is from theBalm. Mary-Lou-manizer has a crazy, beautiful glow and stays put all day.

I’d compare these shadows to Lorac. They are dry and moderately pigmented. A bit on the powdery side but with minimal kick up and fall out. Easy to blend but not very exciting. I’d say these are more of an everyday work horse.

The brush… is useless. Completely useless. It’s scratchy and doesn’t pick up any product. The angled side would be good to use with a brow pomade though.

Nude ‘tude reg $36: 12 shadows 0.92 g per shadow (for comparison, a ColourPop pressed shadow is 1.5 grams)

Nude Dude reg $36: 12 shadows 0.80 g per shadow

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LED lighting, finger swatches over Urban Decay Primer Potion.


7 thoughts on “theBalm Nude’tude & Nude Dude

    1. They really are cute! I love theBalm aesthetic but I wish they would use a harder plastic instead of cardboard ☺️ especially considering the regular prices!

  1. They are so similar! Not much variety between the two. I’m glad you got such a great deal on them! For that price, I’d pick up both too!! If I were paying full price, I’d definitely choose a favourite out of the two and stick with one because of the similarities.

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