Twisted Wonderland Custom Perfume Oil


I’m a big fan of indie perfumes. Who doesn’t want to smell like a marshmallow burning in the fire or banana taffy?? Who?? OK, maybe YOU don’t, but I do!

Twisted Wonderland is a small business located in Upstate New York that I have purchased from before. Their scent list is pretty extensive and their product list is growing. You’ll find handmade unique soaps and sprays, wax tarts and bath salts, lip balms and sugar scrubs, and much more.

On October 13th I placed an order for a custom scented perfume oil and “Spritz Me” linen spray using a 20% off coupon code.

My request – “I am open to you working your magic. I wanted a gourmand, “in your face” cherry (black cherry, maraschino cherry) with a hint of something bringing it together. Vanilla EO? Marshmallow? Vanilla Ice Cream? White Chocolate?” and that is EXACTLY what I got, I am in love. The perfume oil is strong and yummy I want to eat it all up. Comparing all of the indie perfume oils I’ve purchased, I like Twisted Wonderland’s bottles the best. The stopper lets out just the right amount and doesn’t leak or spill.

My total was $22.30 (perfume oil, linen spray and a sample of sugar scrub) including shipping and my custom-made order arrived 10/28/2017.

If you enjoy the spooky aesthetic, give her shop a try. You won’t be disappointed as she is helpful, professional and talented.

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