Natasha Denona Holiday Limited Edition Joya & Aeris Palettes


You can have these when you pry them from my cold dead hands.  I considered buying backups, but that’s dumb (isn’t it??).

Here are the Natasha Denona Limited Edition 2017 Holiday palettes Joya  and Aeris (with the icey blue).

They are $48 each and contain 5 pans totaling 2.26 grams of product which is the same as all of their other 5 pan palettes. What is NOT the same is the quality of the packaging. This is luxurious. Super luxurious.  The case is sturdy and will stand up on it’s own. The heavy duty acrylic cover snaps shut with satisfaction.

If you are interested in investing in a higher end product, this would be the one to buy.

These are easy to swipe on with a finger (except that matte orange in the Aeris palette) and take very minimal work to blend. Since they are shimmery, expect to see some glittery fallout under your eyes but it isn’t bad.

I can’t express the level of awesomeness that they’ve packed into these palettes.

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    • They really are beautiful! I’d definitely hold out as long as you can to wait for a coupon code from sephora or something before you buy 😁

    • They are so nice, I love them! I’d definitely wait for a coupon code or something before you bought them if you can’t resist 🙂

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