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I’ve been following Lucid Living Co on Instagram for awhile now because the Winter Witch coffin bomb caught my eye. So, during her most recent restock I picked it up plus the Runic Wonder bath bomb.

I think it’s important to support small businesses and I really appreciate the love and attention that goes into these handmade items.

Both of these bombs are big enough to get 2 baths out of if you break them apart. They are large and extremely heavy which makes the shipping cost very fair.

I used the Winter Witch coffin bomb last night and it was extremely fragrant, fizzy and turned my bath water a lovely shade of bright turquoise.
Fragrance: Heavily scented in water but not overwhelming so let on your body after the bath. It seemed to stay mainly with the water with just a hint lingering on the skin which I appreciate.

Fiz: Definitely foamy and fun to watch. It was pretty interesting that the fiz happened in different colors too, I expected it all to muddy into a single shade of light blue.

Clean Up: I was a bit concerned that the vibrant shade of turquoise my bath water turned was going to stain my tub blue. Actually I was more than a bit concerned. I had no staining in my tub AT ALL. All of the color rinsed down the drain when I emptied the tub, no wiping or scrubbing required. This was especially important to me because,  why take a relaxing bath when you have to clean the tub after???

I’ll let you know what I think of the Runic Wonder bomb on Instagram as soon as I’ve used it!

Limited Edition Runic Wonder Bath Bomb  $7

Winter Witch Coffin Bath Bomb $8

Sample Winter Moon Whipped Soap Free

Shipping $7.04

Total $22.04

I ordered 11/12/2017 and received my package on 11/18/2017 via USPS.

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    • You’re so sweet, thank you!

      I like using bath bombs because they give me an excuse to sit in the tub for a couple hours reading! I don’t know how much they really do for your skin but they definitely don’t hurt and I love the scents and colors out there!

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