Dose Of Colors Mint For You


I’m not ashamed to admit that I bought these Dose of Colors products mainly because they were 40% off. I LOVE the minty colored packaging, but really, these aren’t particularly fantastic products.

The eye crayon in Hint Of Mint is a beautiful, vibrant, opaque icy blue but it’s also  chunky and tugs as you apply. I tried smudging it under my eye but found it stuck to my lashes and was near impossible to remove from them. I then tried it on my lid. It actually blended out really nicely at the crease with a blending brush but the rest of it bunched up and got really gross after about 30 minutes of wear. I’m still working on a way to get some use out of it as I LOVE the color.

The Eyedeal Duo Loose Pigment & Primer in Magic Momint (tan) and Mint To Be (mint green) are a bit difficult for practical use as well. The cream doesn’t apply evenly, you really need to work with it and by the time it is even, it’s thinned out so much as to be very sheer. I tried patting it as well as sweeping with a brush ending in the same results. I’ll get some use out of both of these but they really aren’t anything to be excited about.

That’ll teach me to buy something purely because it’s on sale and I like the packaging.

Would I repurchase? No. Especially considering the cost even after the 40% off.

Ordered 11/23/2017 and received 11/29/2017 in beautiful holiday packaging.

Eye Crayon in Hint Of Mint $10.80 reg $18

Eyedeal Duo Loose Pigment & Primer in Magic Momint $15 reg $25

The Eyedeal Duo Loose Pigment & Primer in Mint To Be $15 reg $25

Free shipping

Total= $40.80

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