Wayne Goss 2017 Holiday Brush


I’m finding myself wanting to invest less money on actual makeup products and more money on brushes and tools that are great quality and will last me many years hopefully.

I knew immediately that I would pick up this $45 Wayne Goss 2017 Holiday brush from Beautylish.

Basically it boils down to the fact that I am a complete makeup noob. I love it, I wear it almost every day but Nikkietutorials I am not (I’m not even her 5th cousin 4 times removed on her sister in laws side). I struggle with blush. I either apply too much or put it in the wrong spot. I’m working on it but haven’t quite figured it out yet.

In the swatches below I used my normal Wet N Wild blush brush and the WG Holiday brush with the same amount of Becca Luminous blush in Dahlia for the same number of swipes. You can see the difference in the intensity. The Holiday brush allows you to build to your desired pigmentation.

If I could recommend one brush from his line for a beginner or for a pro, it would be this brush. It’s multi functional, use it to apply blush. highlighter, powder, sweep away fallout from under your eye and it’s affordably priced.

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  1. Ugh, the blush struggle is real. I have a tendency to oversaturate my cheeks with blush as well. I love the way Wayne described it on one of his videos: put two fingers (index and middle) right next to the side of your nose and apply the blush in that general area.

  2. This looks so nice! I absolutely love blush but there’s one I own that is way too shimmer. I have a brush by tarte really similar to this and it makes the blush go on like a dream! Happy New Year by the way. Best of luck with 2018 and blush 😉

  3. I definitely see the difference with the two brush …my beat advise did blush is, “make a fish face…the thing you do with the lips”….this will then leave your cheeks bones exposed. Get the blush and brush , then apply the blush upwards

  4. Blush. The most challenging makeup product. If I don’t use blush, I look like the walking dead. Seriously. I look pale and flu-like. But many times, I end up using too much and look like the hookers on Times Square that I used to see back when I lived in NYC–although I must admit, they were rather gifted in the eyeliner area!

    But you’re correct–its all about the tools for application and I am so in love with Wayne God–I mean, Goss that I may pull the wallet’s trigger on this one.

    Thanks Puffy!!!!!!

    • “… like the hookers on Times Square…” lol. I’d compare my blush application to equally as ghastly as that of the ladies of the night in an episode of Miami Vice! It shouldn’t be that hard!

      I agree with you about Wayne Goss, I enjoy his sense of humor AND his skills 😍

  5. I have problems with blush too. Up until recently, I didn’t even wear blush. Because I have rosacea, I steer away from anything that will make me look too pink… but sometimes a girl’s gotta wear some blush. And because I’m a blush noob, I’m never entirely sure where it goes on my face.

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