Lush Snow Fairy Set

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I always miss the Lush Boxing Day Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale. I’m not about to spend $10 for a bath bomb no matter how great everyone tells me they are. Every year I miss it either because I lose track of time or they sell out. NOT THIS YEAR!

Smart consumer fail. I was concerned about items selling out so I did the fastest thing I could think of, buy 2 of the exact same gift set. I mean, gift sets are ALWAYS a better value right? RIGHT? Apparently not at Lush. The value of the items in the set totals about $44, they are charging an extra $6 for the gift box. Ugh.

These all smell very vanilla sweet and they work as well as you would expect them to. The only odd product is the last one pictured, the massage bar. It’s hollow with dusty glitter powder inside. Just odd. I tasted it, I have no idea why. It is NOT sweet 🙁

By the by, many of these items are still in stock and still buy one get one free (shipping is $6 – $10). I’ve had my fix and don’t see myself worrying about the sale next year.

Lush Snow Fairy 5pc Gift Set  X 2 – $49.95

Shipping $6

Total incl tax: $61.16

Snow Fairy dough $8.95: To use as soap or shampoo, take a small bit in your hand, hop in the tub and lather up. If you fancy a bubble bath, crumble a small piece under a running tap for mountains of suds.

Snow Fairy Massage Bar $9.95: Poke holes in the marked spots on your sparkle jar, then dust yourself soft. When you’ve used up your powder, melt the jar onto skin for serious softness and shimmer.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner $5.95: Smooth all over your wet skin after washing, then rinse clean.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel $9.95: Smooth all over your wet skin after washing, then rinse clean.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar $8.95: Hold your reusable bubble bar under the tap as you run your bath. Splash the water around to create big, frothy bubbles. Let it dry out between uses.

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  1. I’ve walked into Lush once or twice and although it smells great I cannot bring myself to spend the money. Especially when I know it has no preservatives and I have to use it asap. That feels wasteful to me…

    • Most of what I’ve gotten has a shelf life of at last 90 days so I don’t feel too bad but I definitely know what you mean! Can’t be wasteful!

    • It smells so good! I like that I only have to use a tiny bit of Lush’s shower gel for a really good clean ❤️ Thanks for reading!

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