I’ll admit it. I’m glad I’ve been too lazy to cancel my Allure box ($15 per month, $5 off your first month). I did send them an email about canceling about 3 weeks ago but they never responded. Yeah, great customer service.

I feel compelled to remind you of their crappy website and the fact that you must call them to cancel should you decide to do so.

With all that aside, I LOVE THIS MONTH’S BOX!!

Please note, I have generally normal/dry skin with oily eyelids and flakiness around my nose. I am free from all but the occasional hormonal breakout and I’m mostly interested in evening my skin tone and fighting fine lines/wrinkles.

Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Serum $85 – I’ve started to use this morning and night. It’s too early to tell but I enjoy the light orange scent and don’t find it greasy. It soaks in fairly quickly and layers nicely with my moisturizer and sunscreen. I’m really hoping I hate this. That price tag?!

This Works In Transit Camera Close-up mask, moisturizer and primer – Travel Sized

Frederik Fekkai The One Texturizing Spray – Travel Sized

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen Brown $21 – I’ve used this a few times. It goes on pretty lightly no matter how hard I push. I don’t feel it tugging on my skin but it is a really faint color at least compared to the Beauty For Real, Catrice and Marc Jacobs gel liners.

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lip Rosewood – Sorry, no real help here. I don’t wear lips. I can tell you that it doesn’t smell like anything. That’s a plus right?

I did see a couple of different versions of this box, all of which contained 1 or 2 more items than I received. Everybody got the Sunday Riley though.

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3 thoughts on “January Allure Beauty Box

  1. I would love to try that Sunday Riley product! It’s so expensive though, good thing you at least get to try it!

    1. I’m going to keep track of how long this bottle lasts using it twice a day. Then I can see if there really is any value to spending that much. My Clinique moisturizer that was $30 will probably last me a year so who knows? ❤️

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