PUR Cosmetics Pro Glitters

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I received these for free from PUR Cosmetics.

I was pretty surprised to find these in my mailbox. I had no clue why I was getting them or who they were from. After a failed Google-Fu attempt, I searched the Instagram hashtag listed on the postcard and Voila! Apparently I had applied to the PUR Cosmetics Influencer marketing program. Yay!

The good news is, I am such a small fish in a big pond that I can give you an actual review of these and not just tell you what will make me money.

The PUR Quick Pro Glitters 5-Piece Eye Polish Kit is available on the PUR website for $39 and I’ve seen it at Ulta on sale for $29. If you’re interested, definitely wait for a sale! I received 3 glitters Namaslay (really PUR?), Lust, and Queenie. I own and enjoy 4 of the Stila Glitter & Glow liquid shadows and am pretty familiar with this type of product.

Only an insane person would apply these to their eyelid with the flexible plastic wand thing. Well, maybe not insane, but definitely only someone with no other options. I chose to use a synthetic flat eye brush to apply these in a patting motion on top of my everyday eye look. It took about 30 seconds to completely dry.

There is quite substantial glitter fallout since I have especially hooded eyes. I swept it away with a large powder brush. 8 hours later, when I’d made my way home, there was minimal fading and a bit more fallout but, all in all, these performed surprisingly well.

Would I buy these? A resounding yes. They are considerably less expensive than the Stila, have an easy to work with consistency and perform just as well as the Stila. Interesting to note that there is a bit more product in the PUR glitters (0.19oz vs 0.15oz) but the bottles are about half the size (darn Stila and their over packaging!).

TLDR: These are a great, cost-effective alternative to Stila Magnificent Metals liquid eye shadows! The last picture is a comparison swatch 🙂

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Natural Sunlight


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First 3 are from PUR and the last 4 are Stila (Bronzed Bell, Kitten Karma, Rose Gold, and Next To Notte)


  1. I’ll have to check out the Pur glitters because I’m still harboring ill feelings with Stila–the brand discontinued my favorite eye shadow palette of all time: “In The Know” and I haven’t forgiven them!!!

    As an aside–I noticed that MAC lowered the price of their refillable eye shadows to six bucks–I’m assuming to compete with MakeUpGeek. I just ordered a few of the MAC shadows. What do you think of them?

    • Can you believe I don’t own any?? I can only focus on one thing at a time though and right now it’s searching out that WnW Cushion foundation you had on your Instagram 🤣🤣

      • I’m in shock!!! LOL! Hey, that cushion foundation–I don’t know how it is without the added drop of oil, but when Wayne God tells me to add a drop of oil–I’m adding a drop of oil. It worked like a charm and the foundation is definitely a keeper!

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