Influenster/Clairol Root Touch Up


I received this product for free from Influenster.

I’ve received a few free boxes from Influenster since I signed up about 5 months ago. I haven’t blogged about them because, well, I wasn’t going to subject you to photos of canned corn, dog toys and margarine.

If you’re not aware, Influenster is a company that works with brands to get them into the hands of people to review and share on social media. The more “Influence” you have, the more boxes you get. Fully completing your profile is a must! Influence can be gained through social media numbers, reviewing products on their website, reviewing products via the questionnaires (snaps) you are sent and fully completing the tasks given to you after receiving a box.

This review was not a requirement but I will get a few bonus points for posting it. I was actually pleasantly surprised by it and wanted to share 🙂

On to this Clairol Root Touch Up box ($10). This is a perplexing product. I’ve seen people use a bit of shadow to touch up wigs and the like but it never occurred to me to use the same technique to touch up roots. Since I sweat so much from my head, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for me anyway. Who wants a brown tinted stream of yuck streaking their face?

Surprise! This does make a GREAT brow powder! The color was natural, buildable and long-lasting. I was pretty shocked at how good my brows looked after I took an angled brush to this powder. It was soft and natural but I was able to also make what looked like individual hairs and they stayed put throughout my work day. Imagine that!

I could also see this working well as a beard/mustache filler for the men!

There is almost 2 grams of product (for reference a typical eye shadow is about 1.5 grams). The packaging is fairly bulky but it seems sturdy and the large mirror is nice.

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Angled brush, finger, brush that comes in kit.

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