Jouer Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation

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I’m always up for a foundation fest, even though I tend to stick with BB creams and lightweight foundations.

First & foremost, a big high five to Jouer for the great 50 shade range (it’s not 45 shades of light either)! Sample packs are available for the cost of shipping ($6.80 for me) in ranges of Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, and Deep. Each pack contains anywhere between 6 – 10 shades. You can pick 2 packs so I ordered the Light and Medium and had my samples within the week.

The Jouer Essentials High Coverage foundation is HIGH coverage. Super high coverage, at least in my book. A little goes a very long way. My best suggestion is to apply and buff this in with a brush and then finish it off with a damp Beautyblender to really push it into the skin.

I have a ton of stuff happening on my face, most of it I don’t really mind. Sun damage from when I was a teenager, lots of freckles, a couple of age spots, a bit or redness and a tiny broken capillary under my nose. This stuff covers it all up. All of it. In one layer.

I’m a bit torn as to whether I think this would work well for people with oily skin. It is oil free but super heavy, I would think it might cause pore congestion. On my dry skin, it was perfectly fine.

This won’t become an everyday foundation for me. It’s more coverage than I like and I generally just don’t want to make that much effort covering my flaws.

My perfect shade match was Pebble 🙂

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  1. I love the concept of a shade sample pack available for cost of shipping! I would definitely be keen on this for concealer as well, and chances are, I would buy something to qualify for free shipping! Why don’t more brands have this???

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