Blush Declutter 2018


Maybe you’ve noticed that the quantity of new product posts has diminished greatly.

I’ve been working towards purchasing items that I’ll truly enjoy or that fill a need in my collection and not just because they’re on sale. It’s been hard. I’m still allowing the random “OMG but it’s 75% off!!!” but I’ve been able to talk myself out of buying yet ANOTHER Urban Decay/Tarte/ABH palette I will never use.

So, for the next couple of weeks I’ll be on a declutter journey. I plan to keep what I use or what I really enjoy the packaging of. Everything else will be sanitized and given to friends or trashed if it’s old.

Each category will get its own post. I’ll show swatches and let you know which items I declutter and why! Up first…


For every day use, I like a natural, lightly pigmented blush with a smooth texture. Applying blush is not my strong suit so I need something more or less goof proof.

Lately my favorite has been the Physicians Formula butter blush. The color is perfect for me and I appreciate that it never looks overdone no matter how much I apply. Fiona Stiles Sweetwater is also a fav.

The blushes in the declutter pile were mostly because of their chalky texture. I could never get a good blend so I wouldn’t reach for them.

  • Start 25
  • Re-homed 13
  • Kept 12

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Notice the Tarte Paaarty swatches are different. Nice quality control Tarte!


I don’t really ever use the Becca Dahlia or Nars Loves Me but I am keeping them just because of the packaging and plan to incorporate them into eye looks.

Here’s what I am re-homing. I found 2 DHC blushes that I had missed initially. They have almost no pigment when applied.


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