3 I❤️Revolution Donut Palettes!

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I wasn’t expecting much but… yeah, you need these.

There are 5 different donuts in this I❤️Revolution collection and the 3 I got from Ulta are well worth the regular price of $7 each. Color me surprised. So surprised that I ordered the other 2 a few days later.

5 shadows in each squishy topped compact, a mix of matte and super shimmer, almost metallic shades. Not too powdery, not too dry, pretty subdued color when applied with a brush but they were buildable. Over Milani eyeshadow primer (my new favorite, beats Urban Decay Primer Potion in price & quality) the shadows lasted an entire 10 hour work day with no creasing or fading.

Swatches are finger then brush. They are a very fair representation of what these will look like applied by a regular person (me, I flatter myself) using regular person makeup application techniques.







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