Dermal Korea Sheet Masks

Here's a quick post of one of my favorite and most re purchased beauty items ever! I've been buying these Dermal sheet masks for years. YEARS! Even after trying some of the fancier (read, more expensive) sheet masks, I always come back to these. I love that they are lightly fragranced, soft and pliable so … Continue reading Dermal Korea Sheet Masks

September Boxycharm – 2nd Box 2nd Snafu

September Boxycharm time. Although this box was pretty meh for me, it's still near impossible to beat for the cost. My palette arrives with 2 pans smashed. After 2 emails to Boxycharm, the second after which they asked for a picture of the palette next to the shipping box, they credited my Boxycharm account with … Continue reading September Boxycharm – 2nd Box 2nd Snafu

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Lip & Full Metal Shadow

Want to feel fancy? Order a lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent. Want to feel even fancier? Get your name engraved on it. YSL was offering free engraving on lip products and a 20% off code so I bit the bullet and order these 2 items for a total of $56.60. Ordered 9/6/2017, shipped 9/8/2017 and … Continue reading Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Lip & Full Metal Shadow

Skinfood Royal Honey & Freshmade Masks

I'm a big Asian beauty fan. I tend to like the lighter feel of the products and cute packaging will always catch my eye. This Skinfood purchase was a 50/50 hit/miss. This was all purchased at Ulta during a Buy 1 Get 1 40% off sale. Royal Honey Essential Toner - $26 reg 8.5 oz … Continue reading Skinfood Royal Honey & Freshmade Masks

Concealer Tour 9/8/2017

Whatever you do, don't get the Clinique click pen Airbrush concealer. It's ridiculously over priced for the amount you get. It's also thin and almost like colored water. Blech! My biggest makeup regret. $22 for 0.05 oz Benefit Boi-ing Hydrating concealer I use every day. Every. Day. It doesn't conceal very much but it's very … Continue reading Concealer Tour 9/8/2017

Ofra Highlighters, Concealer & Brow Gel

I got so excited about the On The Glow palette that it's taken me awhile to post the rest of the haul! A quick warning, never buy from Ofra without a code or sale. They happen OFTEN so patience is your friend. Skin Sculpting Wand - Dawn reg $15 Eyebrow Gel - Charcoal reg $27 … Continue reading Ofra Highlighters, Concealer & Brow Gel

Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Serum & Night Moisturizer

When I was in my late 20s my skincare routine mainly consisted of Neutrogena products. They were easy to find at the local drugstore and NOT my mom's Oil of Olay. That was good enough for me. Now, I'm taking it old school. I've been using The Ordinary's skincare line for over 6 months now … Continue reading Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Serum & Night Moisturizer

e.l.f. $4 Tone Correcting Powder

Ever buy something purely because someone on YouTube told you to? Welcome to my world. livloveshermakeup here and on Instagram has been extolling the virtues of this elf color correcting powder for quite some time now. I have pretty dry skin so I generally don't wear too much powder but I've been looking for different … Continue reading e.l.f. $4 Tone Correcting Powder

Notoriously Morbid Watercolor Stains-Orbital

The Notoriously Morbid Watercolor Stains - Orbital palette is beyond words gorgeous. The handmade, no 2 are identical, highlighter/eyeshadow palette contains 3 different shades that are unique and super SUPER highlighty(?). Although they seem to contain micro glitters I wouldn't call them glittery but rather mega glowy. My husband has NEVER commented on my eyeshadow other … Continue reading Notoriously Morbid Watercolor Stains-Orbital

Ofra On The Glow Palette

If you don't want to read... just scroll down for the macros, they are SO satisfying 🙂 This was the deal - Gilt was offering a $200 Ofra gift card for $100, if you used the code WELCOME20 you'd receive 20% off making the $200 giftcard only $80. Soooo, that's what I did! Something I've … Continue reading Ofra On The Glow Palette