Lucid Living Co

I've been following Lucid Living Co on Instagram for awhile now because the Winter Witch coffin bomb caught my eye. So, during her most recent restock I picked it up plus the Runic Wonder bath bomb. I think it's important to support small businesses and I really appreciate the love and attention that goes into … Continue reading Lucid Living Co

Twisted Wonderland Custom Perfume Oil

I'm a big fan of indie perfumes. Who doesn't want to smell like a marshmallow burning in the fire or banana taffy?? Who?? OK, maybe YOU don't, but I do! Twisted Wonderland is a small business located in Upstate New York that I have purchased from before. Their scent list is pretty extensive and their … Continue reading Twisted Wonderland Custom Perfume Oil

Blush Tour 7/24/2017

I have a love/hate relationship with blush. Even back in the 90s I wasn't a fan of the heavy sunburned cheeks look. Slowly I've started experimenting with a bit of it here and there, trying to figure out which colors I like best and working on placement. Favorite: Fiona Stiles Soft Cheek Veil in Sweetwater. … Continue reading Blush Tour 7/24/2017


I'm working on reorganizing my makeup area. I've come to the realization that if I can't see it, I won't use it. Putting things neatly in drawers just ends with me never touching it again and that makes me sad. Currently I'm trying to amass the Sephora $1 ABH empty 4 pan palettes and moving … Continue reading Organizing

One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO)

This is not the first order I've made from OHWTO. I have 8 full sized bottles, 2 full sized solids and many samples. They do a great job with gourmand scents. Wanna smell like blackberry pie? They got you. Wanna smell like you spent the day at a carnival? They got that too. My order: … Continue reading One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO)

Fyrinnae New Release Swatches

Fyrinnae is well known within the indie makeup community for their high quality semi-loose eyeshadow formula, wonderful duochromes and well loved sparkle adhesive, Pixy Epoxy. They've also just started up their very own perfume house. I placed my order for 7 mini shadows on 6/21 and received them on 6/28. I purchased during a sale … Continue reading Fyrinnae New Release Swatches

Twisted Wonderland Perfumery

This is the one and only full sized bottle of indie perfume oil that I have ever finished. *Eat Me, Drink Me* from Twisted Wonderland is a beautifully scrumptious blend of cherries and pastry. I just want to eat it up every time I open the bottle. Indie perfumes really have to be my favorite, … Continue reading Twisted Wonderland Perfumery

Kiss My Sass Swatches

I placed my first order with Kiss My Sass on 5/26, shipping notification on 5/27 and received my order on 5/30. I ordered and received: Eyeshadow: Forest Nymph Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Late Night Lattes Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Quizas Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Sippin' Mai Tais Sample Bag $1.66 Eyeshadow: Staring at the Wind … Continue reading Kiss My Sass Swatches

Darling Girl Cosmetics Arwen’s Tears & No Tea, No Shade Swatches

I ordered from Darling Girl Cosmetics on 5/6, shipped 5/15, received 5/20. I purchased 1 √ó Arwen's Tears - Limited Edition $7.00 Subtotal $7.00 Shipping $2.75 Total $9.75 I also received a sample blush and the May GWP No Tea, No Shade. Follow me on Instagram Outdoors, natural sunlight Indoor, natural and LED light. No … Continue reading Darling Girl Cosmetics Arwen’s Tears & No Tea, No Shade Swatches