Mascara Mayhem

Goodbye 2017! Here are all of the mascaras in my collection. I approximate that they are about 6 months old and ready for the trash so I thought I'd give a mini review of the ones I loved and the ones I hated. I apply mascara almost every day. I wear glasses and have dark … Continue reading Mascara Mayhem


I'm working on reorganizing my makeup area. I've come to the realization that if I can't see it, I won't use it. Putting things neatly in drawers just ends with me never touching it again and that makes me sad. Currently I'm trying to amass the Sephora $1 ABH empty 4 pan palettes and moving … Continue reading Organizing

Ulta X Nars GWP

Here is the Ulta x Nars GWP that was available for 4 hours earlier this month with a purchase of $50+. Ulta has several of these GWP type deals throughout the month but I jumped on this one right away as I figured it would sell out quickly, and it did. The packaging is the … Continue reading Ulta X Nars GWP