Jouer Skinny Dip Palette

Some of the links in my blog are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Here's a closer look at the Jouer Skinny Dip palette (regular price $40) that I received in my Beautylish Lucky bag (from this post). I'd say it's … Continue reading Jouer Skinny Dip Palette

January Allure Beauty Box

I'll admit it. I'm glad I've been too lazy to cancel my Allure box ($15 per month, $5 off your first month). I did send them an email about canceling about 3 weeks ago but they never responded. Yeah, great customer service. I feel compelled to remind you of their crappy website and the fact … Continue reading January Allure Beauty Box

Beautylish Lucky Bag

If you aren't familiar with Beautylish, they are an online only beauty retailer carrying a limited selection of items from various beauty brands. What makes Beautylish different from Sephora or Ulta is their attention to detail and great customer service. You'll be hard pressed to find someone complaining about their Beautylish purchases. Their packaging is impeccable … Continue reading Beautylish Lucky Bag

BoxyCharm Limited Edition Box

Subscription box controversy alert! Boxycharm announced their first ever Limited Edition box in November. At a cost of $44.95 this box was to have 8 items with a total value of over $200. Initially this box was supposed to be released to subscribers first with the left overs offered to the general public. Through snafu or through … Continue reading BoxyCharm Limited Edition Box

December Allure Box

Best. Box. Ever. But I'm still canceling my Allure box subscription. The website interface is atrocious and you have to jump through hoops to cancel (so many that I've been too lazy to do it since last month), but man was this box good! Edited to add: the preview of January's box is at the … Continue reading December Allure Box

December Boxycharm

Ugh. Here's my Boxycharm experience. Box 1 (September): Double charged, contacted them and they refunded my money for 1 box very quickly. Box 2 (October): Pur Palette arrived broken, they added 1000 points to my account (worth $10) after asking me to send verification pictures twice. Box 3 (November): Never arrived. They informed me it … Continue reading December Boxycharm

November Allure Beauty Box

Well, I didn't realize that I would receive another Allure box 2 weeks after I got the first. I also didn't realize that the first box I got was the October box so I had to go back and rename that post. I'm cancelling this box for a number of reasons, the first being the … Continue reading November Allure Beauty Box

October Allure Beauty Box

Welp. I signed up for another box. The Allure Beauty Box. I really have a love hate relationship with these things. I always end up giving the samples away to friends and family, which is great and all but... that's $10-$15 I could've spent elsewhere. I've committed to seeing how much of this box and … Continue reading October Allure Beauty Box

October Boxycharm – My 3rd (& Best) Box + November Spoilers

Here she is! The quick run down. Boxycharm (referral link) is a subscription box that runs you $21 per month. There are 4 to 5 full-size beauty items that could include makeup, skin care, hair care or tools. Each box has a guaranteed valued of at least $100. Your box will contain well-known and lesser known brands. … Continue reading October Boxycharm – My 3rd (& Best) Box + November Spoilers

August Boxycharm – My 1st Box!

I had a weird snafu with my first Boxycharm subscription box. I placed my order and immediately after entering my credit card information I received an error page indicating something went wrong. I waited a few hours, watched my inbox for a confirmation email, looked at my newly made account and received no indication that … Continue reading August Boxycharm – My 1st Box!